Tips for Visiting Beijing for the First Time

Please note that China is a vast and diverse country to conclude in just a few words. The country that continues to improve has a distinctive charm. It offers a variety of unique cultural cultures that provoke curiosity. Behind the millions of charms earlier, there are still quite a lot of people who hesitate to travel to Beijing China independently. Read these following tips for visiting Beijing China.

Getting Language Issues

Although China, especially Beijing, is increasingly open and there are many foreign investors, in reality, there are so many local residents who don’t speak English at all. Fortunately, some of the young people can communicate in simple English. Their ability is not perfect but quite helpful during difficulties.

Visiting Beijing
Visiting Beijing

So, what to do when you do find people in Beijing who speak English? Simply, you can bring the print-out of some place names in Chinese characters. For example, tourist destinations, names and complete addresses where to stay, train station names, and others that are considered necessary.

Looking for Halal food

For Muslims, finding halal food in China is not an easy matter. When staying in the Wangfujing area, you can find two halal Chinese restaurants. One is a fairly large restaurant, the other one is just a simple shop. Around the famous Niu Jie mosque, there are several Muslim restaurants to choose from. Even a supermarket that specializes in selling halal products is also available there.

Muslim food stalls or restaurants are always marked by buildings that are almost entirely painted in green and white. The writing ‘halal’ and the mosque’s image are also clearly displayed on the signboard, which in Mandarin is called Qingzhen Cai (清真 菜). Also, the employees are seen wearing a cap (men) and a kind of head covering (women).

Buying Items or Souvenirs

Items to buy in China are very interesting, and they are also cheap. But, you are recommended to bargain up to 30% of the price. Even if it’s expensive, you may bargain up to 50%. You may get annoyed ravings from the seller. Just leave the store if you do not want to buy it.

Visiting Beijing
Visiting Beijing

Some cases of fraud occur when we want to buy goods while we do not check the condition. If the items are put in the package, keep checking before paying because it is quite possible the seller exchanges its contents with other things.

Going to Public Toilet

The condition of public toilets in China is very severe. In the toilet, there is no water. Also, do not expect paper tissue available there. Some of them do not even provide trash bins. Even if there is, usually only a trash can without a lid. Can you imagine?

So, we suggest you provide small tissue in the bag. Don’t forget to also bring hand sanitizers, wet tissues, and feminine hygiene wipes (especially for women). In addition, you may also always carry a folding plastic bottle that can be stored in a bag if it does not contain water. Or you may not throw away the remaining plastic bottles of mineral water. Then, before entering the toilet you can fill it with tap water.

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