Souvenirs from Beijing that You should Get

Buying souvenirs from Beijing is very important if you are on holiday in China. Souvenirs can be given to friends and relatives when you come home from vacation later. Souvenirs can be a sign that you have visited the country or tourist site.

Not much different when you visit China. Buying souvenirs is something you should never forget. Beijing as one of the tourist destinations in China provides a variety of souvenirs for tourists to come.

The price offered is very diverse. You can find souvenirs that are cheap to very expensive. You can adjust it to your needs and budget before you buy it. But what are the souvenirs that you can buy when visiting Beijing?

Souvenirs from Beijing that You should Get
Souvenirs from Beijing that You should Get

Souvenirs from Beijing in the form of Silk Fabrics and Ceramics

China has long been a producer of silk fabrics with very good quality. Buying silk can also be adjusted to the motive, model, and budget. For the matter of quality and beauty, you don’t need to worry. Because the pattern of silk fabric that they make is very charming and luxurious.

Silk cloth is a fabric that is very popular and popular today. Silk cloth is very comfortable to use as a scarf, pajamas, and other clothes. In addition to personal use, these items are also very suitable for you to make gifts and souvenirs typical of China.

To get products made from silk, you can buy them with prices starting from 80RMB or approximately Rp160 thousand rupiah.

For those of you who like to collect antiques, China provides a variety of beautiful ceramics that have become typical Chinese souvenirs with a long historical value. The motives and various shapes can also be adjusted to your taste.

When buying souvenirs from Beijing, there are many shops that guarantee their ceramic products. If you want to buy ceramics as souvenirs, you can also choose ceramics at a fairly cheap price but with guaranteed quality.

Souvenirs from Beijing that You should Get
Souvenirs from Beijing that You should Get

Another Souvenir That Must be Purchased Directly because of Its Quality

When you have returned to your home country, maybe you will find souvenirs typical of Beijing in your country. However, there are some items that you better buy directly when you are still in China. Some of the items include:

  1. Cheongsam or Chinese traditional clothes

Cheongsam is a traditional Chinese clothing. In the 1920s Cheongsam was a symbol of beauty. In the 21st century, Cheongsam has been given a modern twist by using unique materials but has not forgotten to keep its trademark. You can buy it as souvenirs from Beijing.

  1. Jade Jewelry

This one item will indeed attract a lot of eyes, especially the eyes of women. Many jades are formed into various accessories such as jewelry rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, sweet beads, key chains, even wall and table decorations.

  1. Tea

China is already very thick with the culture of drinking tea. In China, you can find hundreds of different types of tea with different properties, with a taste that is no less unique. Some very popular teas include black tea, green tea, fragrant tea, brick tea, and oolong tea.

When shopping for souvenirs, you must pay attention to the prices offered. Do not until you have to pay dearly for goods that are actually cheap. Buying souvenirs from Beijing for family and friends you should think about before you go on vacation.

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