Complete Guide to Visit Beijing Forbidden City

Visiting China will not be complete without visiting Beijing Forbidden City. This China imperial palace is considered to be the largest in the world. Well, what can you see there? And what is the best way to visit the imperial palace?

What to See in the Palace

Before visiting the palace, you should know that it consists of 980 buildings. There are also more than 8,700 rooms with a large collection of relics that you can find in the Beijing Forbidden City.

#1. 6 Famous Halls on the Central Line of the Imperial Palace

There are 6 halls located on the central line of the palace that become favorite spots of tourists. They are also considered to be the most important part of the palace that most tour groups choose to visit the halls along with the visit to the imperial garden. Each of the halls is built with a unique design that differs from one to another based on their function. However, the halls are usually full of visitors since they are the most favorite spots. If you want to visit other spots with fewer visitors, here are some places that could be your destination.

  • Yangxin Dian (Hall of Mental Cultivation)

This hall was formerly the bedchamber of the Chinese Emperor. The Hall of Mental Cultivation also functioned as the office of the emperor.

  • Cining Gong (Palace of Compassion and Tranquility)

This was the place where the emperor’s wives lived. Unlike the kings in Europe, and the Chinese Emperor could have thousands of wives in time.

  • Wenyuan Ge (Hall of Literary Profundity)

This hall was formerly used as the royal library. It is the only place in the complex that uses green roofs to cover the building.

  • Yanxi Gong (Palace of Prolonging Happiness)
Yanxi Gong (Palace of Prolonging Happiness)
Yanxi Gong (Palace of Prolonging Happiness)

Among all the buildings you can find in the imperial palace, the Yanxi Gong is the only one that comes with a Western-style design from This is also called as Crystal Palace that is preserved in its unfinished state.

#2. The Palace’s 5 Main Exhibitions

Palace Museum is a place where millions of artworks include bronzes, calligraphy, paintings, and ceramics are preserved. There are some main exhibitions that you can see in the Beijing Forbidden City like Clocks Gallery, the Treasures Gallery, the Paintings and Calligraphy Gallery, the Porcelain and Ceramics Gallery, and Bronzeware Gallery.

#3. A Hilltop View from Jingshan Park

Hilltop View from Jingshan Park
Hilltop View from Jingshan Park

There is no better place to view the whole complex of Beijing Forbidden City than the Jingshan Park. You can enjoy the integrated and scale of the palace’s Fengshui design as well as the bird’s-eye view.

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