All the Bests to Visit Beijing Forbidden City

If you want to enjoy Beijing Forbidden City maximally, be smart enough not to face crowds. Otherwise, you feel exhausted easily and you cannot see the ancient things you want to see. The best time to visit the Forbidden City and the best way to enter and exit are the things you should know well.  Here are the things you should pay attention to when visiting the palace complex.

The best hours

First thing first, know that the busiest hours in Forbidden City every day is from 10 am to 13 pm. So, you can come to this place at the opening time or after 14 pm. On weekends, Forbidden City is even more crowded.

The best time to avoid visiting the Forbidden City

After that, make sure you know that the high season of a year starts from April 1 to October 31. From April 26 to May 4, you shouldn’t visit Forbidden City since there will be many crowds everywhere from You will see a very long waiting line and busy streets. The busiest months are July and August. Those months are when China’s school holidays take place. It is not advisable if you come to Forbidden City on the Golden Week—the early of October since many Chinese people usually have their seven-day holiday. Early of October is when the Chinese National Day takes place. The Chinese Labor Day is also the day you shouldn’t visit Forbidden City, many local tourists together with international tourists surely will fill this palace complex.

The best time to visit the Forbidden City

If you come to Forbidden City from November to March, you will obviously enjoy the place maximally. However, skip the visiting to Forbidden City in the Spring Festival that takes forty days and starts from February to March. Check the exact time for this. In low season, the visitors of the complex are only about forty thousand people per day. Make sure you know that China Government limits the visitors to only eighty thousand visitors per day. During the Golden Week and another peak season, the visitors can reach its limit by the middle of the day.

beijing forbidden city
beijing forbidden city

The best entrance and exit to take

It is suggested that you take the East or the West Gate to enter. Why? Many Chinese people want to take pictures with the photo of Chairman Mao hanging above the Southern Entrance Gate. Just avoid this gate. If you want to exit this palace complex, just take the East Gate. Many people use the Northern gate to go out from this place. The gate will be full of people and buses and you will be crammed among people and buses. If you take the East Gate of Beijing Forbidden City, you will be closer to the subway with rickshaws and taxis to alternate.

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