Tasting Beijing Unique Food when Traveling to China

Typical Beijing unique food is one thing that should not be missed by any tourist, including you. If you have the opportunity to visit this city, then you should know what foods you can taste here.

Millions of tourists from China and abroad visit Beijing to enjoy attractions and natural scenery. Of course, if you stop by Beijing don’t miss tasting good food on the street to famous restaurants.

Don’t leave Beijing before tasting its signature roast duck that has crispy skin, soft meat, and is eaten in a unique way. Or sticky rice balls that are soft and legit. This tasty food to shake your tongue you should taste it while in Beijing. Here are some of them for your recommendations.

Tasting Beijing Unique Food when Traveling to China
Tasting Beijing Unique Food when Traveling to China

Sweets as Beijing Unique Food

Lu da gun is an authentic dish from Beijing and Tianjin. This snack comes from the Qing Dynasty. This cake is made from steamed glutinous rice and filled with red bean paste or brown sugar. Then, you and the gun are rolled over the refined soybean flour.

Another name for this cake is rolling Donkey, which is likened to donkey rolling on the ground, covered in dust. This cake has a yellowish color that tastes sweet and slightly sticky, with a very strong nutty flavor.

Ai Wo Wo is a typical Beijing snack that has origins from the Ming Dynasty. Although traditionally this snack is served every Chinese New Year celebration, now we can find it anywhere.

This Beijing unique food is a kind of rice cake made from steamed sticky rice balls and filled with sweet stuffing, such as rock sugar, hawthorn, sesame, green plum, or Chinese jujube collision. This snack has a sticky texture with white color like snow.

Tasting Beijing Unique Food when Traveling to China
Tasting Beijing Unique Food when Traveling to China

Enjoy Savory Traditional Chinese Cuisine

Zha jiang mian is a fried noodle sauce which is a traditional Chinese food. It consists of thick-cut wheat noodles, topped with a mixture of pork fried in salted zhajiang. Zhajiang is fermented soybean paste.

Apart from fried pork, this food can also be added with vegetables, tofu, or soybeans. For the halal version, it is often made from beef or lamb. Furthermore, the most special Beijing unique food is Peking duck.

Peking Duck is a culinary delicacy typical of Beijing. Peking duck is cooked in a special way. Ducks are rinsed with hot water. After that ducks are hung and smeared with maltose syrup so that the surface of the skin is a bit dry and shiny when baked in a special oven.

This Peking duck is made with spices, such as star anise, cloves, dried chili, and many more. This food is usually served with thin pancakes and sliced ​​scallions, hoisin sauce, and slices of cucumber.

There are dozens of restaurants that sell Peking duck in Beijing. But one of the most delicious is Jing Yaa Tang. This restaurant opened in 2013 and serves a traditional Chinese menu that makes it popular with tourists. That is a typical Beijing unique food that you can try when visiting there. Please also check Beijing festival that attract tourist worldwide.

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