Beijing Street Foods You Should Never Miss

Have the opportunity to travel to China, do not miss Beijing street foods with local flavor. These street foods are very delicious but offered in a very cheap price.

Beijing, the capital of China, has a variety of uniqueness and charm. Not only culture and tourist attractions that attract foreign tourists to visit, but there is also a variety of Beijing street food that shouldn’t be missed.

To taste it, you need to know a famous street food place that sells a variety of Beijing street food with local flavors.

Beijing Street Foods You Should Never Miss
Beijing Street Foods You Should Never Miss

Fangzhuanchang Hutong

The first place you must visit is Fangzhuanchang Hutong which is an area with many alleys and street food that is appetizing. You can enjoy one of Beijing’s popular street food culinary namely Zhajiangmian noodles.

The soft-textured noodles are served with black soybean paste and some vegetables. Not only that, but this noodle also uses sliced ​​beef or pork. This noodle is an original dish from the famous culinary noodles in South Korea, jjajangmyeon.

At Fangzhuanchang Hutong you can enjoy a bowl of Beijing street foods called Zha Jiang Mian noodles for 20 yuan. This cheap price will make you full because the portions are quite large.

Daxing Hutong

Beijing Street Foods You Should Never Miss
Beijing Street Foods You Should Never Miss

The second place that you must visit when you are in Beijing is Daxing Hutong. In this place, you can enjoy a warm bowl of Millet Mush which is a porridge dish with a soft texture and can warm. Millet mush is usually enjoyed at breakfast, and this food can be one of the delicious breakfast recommendations when you are in Beijing.

Millet mush is made from wheat which is made into thick porridge topped with sesame seeds and delicious bean paste. The way to enjoy millet mush is to gulp it down without eating utensils because according to local residents the dish will change its taste when you mix it.

Many people skip millet porridge when visiting Daxing Hutong, because the place is small and there isn’t even a chair to enjoy it. But you must be sure to try it when going to one of these Beijing street food places.

Yaoji Chao Gan

The third-place you must visit to taste Beijing street foods is Yaoji Chao Gan. This place provides a delicious bowl of fried pork liver with delicious thick sauce and appetizing. For you who are non-Muslim, this place will be suitable especially if the taste is very delicious.

Even though it looks like the main dish, this chao gan dish turns out to be a famous traditional hawker in Beijing. The dish serves fried liver, intestines, and lungs of pigs and then is served with thick gravy made from starch, garlic, and black soybeans so that the sauce has a dark brown color.

Not only serves chao gan which is the main dish at the place, but you can also enjoy a variety of other traditional foods. Among them is luzhuhuoshao which is cakwe and served with gravy and pork cutlet.

There is also boiled beef tripe that has a chewy texture and is eaten with peanut sauce. In addition to the three places above, there are still many places that sell Beijing street foods so that your culinary tour is more complete.

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