Beijing Festival that Can Attract Worldwide Tourist

Beijing festival is one thing that can attract the attention of tourists. As we all know, China really likes celebrations. Many big celebrations were held by the people of that country. Because of its uniqueness, many tourists who deliberately come to Beijing just to attend the performance.

Annual Arts and Culture Festival
Annual Arts and Culture Festival

One of the busiest is the Chinese New Year celebrations which are held every year in this city. But apparently, there are celebrations and other festivals that are no less exciting with Chinese New Year celebrations. Some of these celebrations will be discussed below.

Annual Arts and Culture Festival, Best Beijing Festival

This annual festival is one of the most eagerly awaited festivals in Beijing. The agenda of this festival is like in art exhibitions in general. Exhibiting paintings, sculptures, and other works of art made by famous and talented artists.

If you are an art enthusiast, don’t miss this festival which takes place in mid-September to mid-October each year.

Almost similar to the International Modern Art Festival, the Chinese Folk Art Festival held a month earlier, from August to September, focuses more on ancient items that have historical value.

Not infrequently from tourists who claim to be very interested in this exhibition because by seeing these items they can at the same time know the history of the country of China itself. Not only that, but local Chinese residents were also no less enthusiastic about organizing this event.

They have a great desire to preserve the culture of the country. This Beijing festival is held at Tiananmen Square which you can visit without the need to pay an entrance fee.

International Kite Festival and Tea Festival

You can find this festival in April when Beijing is in the spring. As the name implies, this festival is a kite playing festival, where activities include; how to make a kite on how to fly a kite. Although the kite game is classified as very traditional, in fact in Beijing this festival is still widely enjoyed by many groups. Besides the kite laying festival, you can also attend the tea festival.

International Kite Festival
International Kite Festival

Tea drinking culture is indeed a traditional Beijing culture that is still maintained today. Therefore, this Beijing festival is still in demand by many local residents to foreign tourists. This activity has the main agenda which is to educate the public on how to drink tea properly.

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Visitors who attend are free of charge to participate in this festival, visitors only need to spend when they want to buy authentic Beijing tea products sold there and the tea can be enjoyed by visitors directly or used as souvenirs for relatives or family in the country. You can find this festival from July to September every year.

When on vacation to China, it helps you find the right time so you can while enjoying the annual event that takes place there. Not only enjoy natural attractions, but you can also participate in the festival. Beijing festival is an attraction that is always awaited by tourists because of its uniqueness and excitement.

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