The Attractions of the Beijing Forbidden City that we cannot miss

If you are in China, you should make an attempt to visit the Beijing Forbidden City. The reason is it is too interesting to miss. Imagine how it is in the place surrounded by ten-meter-high walls and a fifty-two-meter-wide moat. You will see the complex that comprises seventy halls and the palace with 9,999 total rooms. When you enter the palace complex at the Meridian Gate or also called Wu Men and at the Divine Prowess Gate or also called Shenwu Men, you will hear the audio guidance in many different languages. If you need more information about this palace complex, you can go to Jian Ting or the Archery Pavilion.

Every year, more than fourteen million visitors from all over China and other countries come to visit this must-see place. Due to the fact that many people come to the Beijing Forbidden City every day, the China Government works very hard to prevent any forms of harms to this palace complex by keeping the visitors flow constant. More and more people want to visit the Forbidden City since it doesn’t require a visa anymore. If you want to understand and enjoy more of the complex with its history and culture, it is suggested that you hire a tour guide so you’ll be able to avoid crowds while paying attention to the guide bringing the history to life.

Some of tourists attractions in the Palace Complex

  • Those who want to see how large it is in the complex, you can go to the artificial hill—the Jingshan Hill, in Jingshan Park. Definitely, you’ll get the view of the whole place.
  • The detail of the architecture pieces located in the Beijing Forbidden City is one of the things you should see. This is so outstanding with every detail showing rich China’s traditional culture and architecture.
  • The residential inner court is great with so many trees to surround. The ceremonial outer court is with no trees at all. Interesting, don’t you think so? Find this fact when you visit the Beijing Forbidden City.
  • The arrays of ancient treasures which are preserved well are there to make you stunned. Many old and beautiful jades and porcelains are there to make you amazed as well. Relics, courtyards, and gardens are to enjoy with amazement.
beijing forbidden city
beijing forbidden city

After you spend time enjoying many attractions there, you will be confused about the fact that it is only sixty percent of the palace complex that you have enjoyed. Forty percent of the complex is forbidden to enter. The complex is now under the overall repair and planned to complete by 2020. By the end of 2018, the Beijing Forbidden City is expected to open to the public about eighty percent.

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