Peking Duck, a Traditional Cuisine from Imperial Era

Ahead of the Chinese New Year, this one is definitely a much sought after snack, the typical Chinese Peking duck. Peking comes precisely from Beijing, the capital of China. Actually, this cuisine is similar to a roast duck, it’s just that the cooking method is different from other roast ducks.

The meat is soft and tender, the skin is made thin and crispy, then served with fresh onions, cucumbers, sweet peanut sauce, and wrapped in thin pancakes. As a food lovers, you will realy love the taste.

Peking Duck, a Traditional Cuisine from Imperial Era
Peking Duck, a Traditional Cuisine from Imperial Era

Differences between Peking Duck with Other Chinese Food

You can find many Chinese foods around the world, because China does have a very strong influence for other country, for example, bakcang, dimsum, noodles, and other foods.

These foods are made with herbs in Indonesia so the taste has changed somewhat from authentic Chinese food. However, how to cook Peking is not the same as other foods. How to cook Peking it must be the same as how to cook in China.

This is because the art of cooking Peking has been around for centuries. Therefore, Peking duck is said to be an important food for Chinese people and Chinese descendants.

Peking Duck, a Traditional Cuisine from Imperial Era
Peking Duck, a Traditional Cuisine from Imperial Era

History of the Creation of This Culinary

Roasted Peking has become a favorite food for members of the royal family of the Ming Dynasty in the 13th century. At that time, not everyone could enjoy this menu, only the royal family of distinguished guests were allowed to eat it.

In 1416, there was a restaurant called Bianyifang that offered this Peking menu. Since then, ordinary people can only eat this food, with the condition that they have money, yes. In 1864, also opened a restaurant called Quanjude which also offered this menu.

Because of these 2 restaurants, Peking can be famous throughout the world. However, not all restaurant chefs can cook this food as the original. In China itself, precisely in Beijing, there is a duck farm that is specialized in providing Peking duck to roast.

There, every 6 hours, the ducks are given food called jujube, similar to dates that are red. After eating, the ducks are fed and guarded so they don’t run around so the meat feels more tender when cooked.

Ducks’ Weight is Maintained so that the Meat is Soft When Cooked

The ducks’ weight was also maintained to reach 2.5 kilograms, neither more nor less. According to cooking experts in China, the meat will feel hard and difficult to bite if the weight of the duck is more than 2.5 kilograms.

Meanwhile, if it weighs less than that, the meat will not be soft. Duck meat is also roasted for 70 minutes so that duck fat absorbs into the skin and meat. Peking is usually served by Chinese people and Indonesians of Chinese descent when there is a big celebration.

For example births, weddings, and also Chinese New Year celebrations. However, in Chinese restaurants, we can also find this menu. If you visit Beijing, then you must try Peking duck so that your vacation will be more complete.

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