A Few Things to do in Beijing

As the capital of China, Beijing is a bustling city but its charm has never been lost. In addition to visiting the Forbidden City which is a major destination, you can still do a lot of things while in Beijing. Forbidden City may be a mandatory destination in Beijing City, but it is not the only option because Beijing has many other beautiful landmarks and things to do. Here are 7 things tourists should do when visiting Beijing:


There are millions of bikes in Beijing as mentioned in the song ‘Nine Million Bicycle. It comes with a reason that bicycles have been becoming the main means of transportation in this crowded city like Beijing. Therefore, bicycles are also a favorite means of transportation for tourists to get around.

Things to do in Beijing
Things to do in Beijing

The bike path stretches almost every road in Beijing. Tourists will also get closer and understand the ins and outs of the lives of Beijing residents. You can ride a bike across narrow alleys, swerve between skyscrapers, and visit the traditional markets. Bicycle rentals are spread around the corners of the old city, complete with maps of Beijing’s streets.

Trekking on the Great Wall of China

The area of the Great Wall of China that is closest to Beijing is Badaling. But, this area is almost always crowded with tourists, sometimes even difficult to move. Therefore, head to areas some distance from Beijing: Gubeikou, Jinshanling, Huanghuacheng and Jiankou. These four areas are much quieter and more enjoyable for trekking. The panoramas are even more spectacular. A traveler can hike along the Great Wall of China for 4-5 hours.

Climbing up the Jingshan Park

Forbidden City is a mandatory destination in Beijing. This palace has thousands of rooms and spaces. But where do you see the beauty of the Forbidden City from a height? You can climb up the tiny hill to Jingshan Park. You will get a view of Beijing as well as the Forbidden City and cooler air. Jingshan Park has existed since the Ming Dynasty, and its architecture follows the principles of Fengshui. The hill where Jingshan Park was built protected the Forbidden City from the cold north wind.

Climbing up the Jingshan Park
Climbing up the Jingshan Park

Panjiayuan Antique Market

Where should you go during the weekend in Beijing? The panjiayuan antique market is the right place. Located in Chaoyang, this is the best antique market in all of Beijing. A traveler will find a lot of ‘treasure’ in this place. You will meet antique sellers from various regions in China. They sell various items ranging from flower pots, calligraphy, watches, jars, and others. If you’re hungry, you can stop by a store that offers sandwiches and coffee.

Romantic Dinner at the Gondola

Dinner and play dadu online at a fancy restaurant? It is not special at all. In Beijing, you can rent a gondola and have dinner while you go around Lake Houhai. You can enjoy delicious foods and traditional Chinese music playing slowly will make the atmosphere more romantic. One of the gondola rental places for a romantic dinner is Kaorouji, a restaurant on the edge of Lake Houhai. You can also taste the food in this restaurant before renting a gondola with food and servants.

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