3 Hacks to Enjoy the Forbidden City in Beijing

Do you have a plan to visit the Forbidden City in Beijing next vacation? Then you should read our 3 top hacks to enjoy the Forbidden City that most people do not know. Let’s check it out!

Always brings your passport with you

In 2015, there is a new policy for international visitors to visit the Forbidden City. You need to show your national identification for every purchase of a ticket. The most powerful national identification is your passport. The security guard also will check your belonging especially if you bring a lighter. It is forbidden to bring a lighter inside this 600-year-old palace especially most of the materials used were wood! You must leave your lighter in the hotel or it will be taken by the security guard in the front door.

Go to the palace in the morning

The limit sales of the Forbidden City are only 80,000 each day. Maybe it sounds many, but during the holiday isn’t! There are so many people who want to go there too like you. That’s why you need to go there in the morning to get the ticket. There is an online reservation which you can buy up to 10 tickets for your family and friends. But the tricky part is that the website is only available in Chinese. You need to find someone who can read Chinese and do the reservation for you. The acceptable payment methods are only Zhifubao and Alipay.

Enter the palace through the west or east

It is strongly recommended to avoid entering the palace through Tiananmen or from the south. The reason is that the line is much longer specially to pass through the security guards. The alternative way to enter the palace is from the west or east. You can walk through the Park of Zhongshan and continue it until you find the west gate of the palace. The line is shorter compared to the south gate. Just skip a long line anytime possible if you travel to Beijing in order to save a lot of your time.

Forbidden City
Forbidden City

Exit through the East Gate

Most people choose to go out of the palace through the North Gate. The fact is that the transportations are limited to trickshaws and crowded buses. We strongly recommend you to go to the East Gate or Donghuamen to exit from there. It is much nearer to the subway and there are taxis. The streets are much quieter too. There are also nice restaurants where you can find agen bola https://agenbola899.com/  that face directly to the moat of the palace. One of the famous restaurants is Siji Minfu which you can find near the exit gate.

We hope that those four hacks can help you enjoy the Forbidden City. Enjoy Beijing!

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