3 Facts about the Forbidden City in Beijing You should Know

China is one of the most favorite tourist destinations for most people around the world. As the capital city of China, Beijing also keeps its secret gem such as https://bola88win.com/ to attract tourists. Now, let’s explore the Forbidden City in China.

The biggest royal palace

Did you know that the Forbidden City was built on more than 700,000 square feet? It is three times bigger than the museum of Louvre Palace. It was predicted that there were more than one million workers completed the Forbidden City. You can see over 85 palace courtyards and “quarters, more than 8,000 rooms, and over 970 buildings. This palace is definitely huge. It is the size of the Vatican and the Kremlin merges together. Even though you have a plan to admire the whole complex in three days, it won’t be enough!

The Chinese impressive architecture

If you want to see the collection of medieval structures which the material was wood, you can see them in the Forbidden City. It has the biggest collection of them that are really well-preserved. Many people think that the huge palace will be a boring architecture. But hold on that thought! You can enjoy every amazing detail and ornament you can find in this huge architecture building. Every ornament reflects the amazing culture of Chinese. The examples are the decorations of the doorway in the Forbidden City. The decorations were nine by nine stupendous studs of the gilded door. The meaning behind the number nine reflects the eternity and supremacy in the culture of China. Since China’s symbols of good fortune and prosperity are strong, you can also see lions, dragons, and Phoenix along the ridges’ roof.

Forbidden City
Forbidden City

No trees in the Outer Court

There are two types of courts in the Forbidden City in Beijing. The first one is the Inner Court. And the second one is the Outer Court. What makes them different? The trees! You can see a lot of trees in the Inner Court meanwhile in the Outer     Court there isn’t any. There is no explanation why people can’t see any tree in the Outer Court. But there are two speculations about this the first theory is because the Outer Court used to be the place of public ceremony and the kings’ “power” was shown in this place. That’s why the existence of the trees could overshadow the “magical” atmosphere there. The second theory is to see the enemy clearly to protect the palace.

The Forbidden City in Beijing is surely the-must-visit tourist attraction for you. Are you ready to reveal the mystery there?

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